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Eco-light Group has a long-standing work experience on the lighting engineering market in Europe. The achieved contacts with the produces give us the possibility to meet the requirements of private customers in building up and reserving light collections all over the world. We are also ready to render support in choice and delivery of light engineering to design and architecture offices as well as to other customers.

The direct contacts with the produces help our customers to save their money considerably and give us the possibility to deliver the lighting equipment in the shortest time.

We would be glad to help you in:

  1. Choice of lighting equipment in the subject catalogues of European plants according to your demands (style, design, technology, color, etc).
  2. Drawing up orders (reservations) to the plant.
  3. Maintaining the delivery of lighting equipment.

And we also offer you the possibility:

  • to produce lighting equipment and to use the equipment of the Eco-Light Group for the sale of the products of the company (production, assembling and disassembling of the stands for lighting equipment)
  • to receive different kinds of advertisement materials and catalogues
  • to carry out consultations and staff trainings
  • to put the information about the customers, who bought the products of Eco - Light Group, on the home-page of the company
  • to carry out the push of our wares and clearance sales together.
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