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23/11/2012 New project Eco Light Group – office of the company Eurodecor
New project of Eco Light Group is the delivery of lamps and furniture in modern style for the office of the company Eurodecor that is located in Moscow. According to all requirements and wishes of the customer Eco Light Group...
21/11/2012 Siguier - the spirit of old France
The company Siguier was founded in 1966. It is located on the western south of France at 81 km from the city Castres and produces furniture with the spirit and traditions of old France.
19/11/2012 Chalon – elegance of English style
English company Chalon UK Ltd was founded in 1978 and is located in the south-west of England. It is the leader of the market in the field of handmade kitchens of detached objects.
16/11/2012 The collection Baccara Contract – exclusive by LuceCrea Class
In the big choice of goods of Italian company LuceCrea Class there are several variations of the famous collection Baccara – the basic form is the same, but the colors and finishes are very different. This is because the factory...
14/11/2012 Anima by Masiero - techno with elegant classic
Being the leading Italian company of the lighting market Masiero offers new rather interesting collection of lamps Anima. It consists of pendant, ceiling and wall lamps. These products are suitable for living rooms, halls, dining rooms and even public places...
12/11/2012 Study classic Spazio Abitato by Megaros
A study in a respectable house is not just a room; it is one of the most important parts in every house of a business person. In this rather specific, but very popular in recent times trend is engaged Italian...
09/11/2012 Modern gothic Capellini by Justice Design Lighting
Capellini is stylish lighting devices collection of the company Justice Design Lighting. The lamps are perfect for the stylized "medieval" houses and wooden cottages. Such lamps will be wonderful decoration for kitchens, original bedrooms and minimalist halls. Capellini collection of English...
07/11/2012 Warm and elegant chandelier 2795AB by Kalco
Attractive chandelier with the code number2795AB is new good by German company Kalco. This beautiful lamp is suitable for classic or modern interiors of living rooms, dining rooms and bedrooms. But in the designers Kalco opinion the lighting devices of...
02/11/2012 Rich shades of Provence style of the Collection Terre Blanche by Siguier
French company Siguier is a family business that has been producing wonderful furniture for over two generations. These products will surely create in any home an exquisitely luxurious and original vintage interior. The factory Siguier offers interior items of high...
31/10/2012 Milky chandelier Natural by De Majo
In a rather big goods palette of Italian factory De Majo there is a chandelier with an original design under the name Natural. As many other lighting devices of the company, it is different in its artistic value - it...

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