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   Telcom | Modum Collection ANTIGUA Round high side table with light


Italian design, versatility, functionality and practicality. The Modum line is produced in special, high-quality resins with cutting-edge technologies that grant the product exceptional technical features combined with style and elegance.
The Modum line includes armchairs, divans, small tables, lamps, and jardinière. Modern and elegant design that is colourful, practical, and functional. A combination of creativity and technology result in quality, functionality and innovation.

washable with household detergents;
impact resistant;
resistant to freezing (-60°) and summer heat (+80°);
anti-UV, stabilised colours;

It is possible to request Modum articles (armchairs and divans) with Class V2 self-extinguishing materials.

PORTORICO                                                            MANILA                                          

Ящик для цветов PORTORICO - TelcomКресла MANILA - Telcom


FLUTE                                                                       MARTINICA                                           

Напольный светильник FLUTE - TelcomСтолик MARTINICA - Telcom

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