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   RZB Cylindrical magic Cylio

Our Cylio luminaire features superb light refraction as well as materials which magically meld with each other. These “magical ingredients” are: a masterly crafted crystal cylinder, a base and canopy made of anodised aluminium with a stainless steel finish, and a certain magnetism that cannot be readily explained by physical laws.

Despite this seemingly supernatural beauty, our Cylio luminaire is a timeless lighting instrument that is the perfect accompaniment for top-notch interior design. Thanks to its streamlined design, the use of the best available materials, and its energy efficient configuration, our Cylio luminaires are irresistible for design aficionados and practical minded planners alike. The Cylio canopy is made of anodised aluminium and features a brushed stainless steel finish. Each glass diffuser is one of a kind, having been produced with craftsmanlike care, such that it fits snugly in its base. The glass diffuser can be changed without the use of any tool, thanks to the presence of a bayonet socket. Our Cylio luminaires come with high tech HIT-TC-CE light sources. And in keeping with the notion that efficiency never goes out of style, we will soon be adding LED models to the line.

More information about all the details, as well as about the procedure to order the fixtures you will get via the telephone numbers of the sales offices of Eco Light Group or by filling in a special form  on our site.




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