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   HAYASHI by Michael Rösing фабрика RADIUS DESIGN

HAYASHI japanese for "little forest". with over 600 chopsticks the lamp corresponds to its name. the lamp exudes a cozy atmosphere and the light is softly broken with the encounter of modern LED technology and organically arranged chopsticks. the 72 white LEDs emit a pleasant, natural warm light. the HAYASHI pendant light is an eye-catcher with its shapely asian design and its discreet appearance. thematically, it is ideal for a dining table. however the it offers many application options.

size: 134 x 16.5 cm
bulb: 18 W, 72 LEDs, 1296 lumen, 3000 kelvin
energy efficiency classes: A
material: steel, plastic, bamboo

More information about all the details, as well as about the procedure to order the fixtures you will get via the telephone numbers of the sales offices of Eco Light Group or by filling in a special form  on our site.



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